Emily Bashforth

The bisexual community are subject to prejudice and harmful stereotypes at all times, both in real life, in fiction and within the media. These stereotypes have been used so much that it can be difficult to dispel them or to make someone see why the preconceptions they have of bisexuals are false.

It sucks living in a world which has such high expectations of you and which has you under a microscope, constantly picking apart everything about you. It's impossible to breathe without being scrutinised and it's a shame that that has become the norm. It's as if we all now just expect to be criticised for everything we do and it's stopping us from living our lives as the best versions of ourselves.

I don't know if it's just me who thinks this, but I believe gender stereotypes have got worse as time has passed. I know previous generations had to grow up in an extremely gendered society, with girls being directly told to aspire to be housewives and mothers and boys having no option but to be physically strong, intellectual and willing to defend their country. However, typical gender roles are now being fed to society's children much more subtly and it's worrying to see the impact they're having.

I love Tumblr for its cute GIFs, One Direction fanfiction, artsy room decor inspiration and for beautiful photos for when I'm in a wanderlust mood. I also love it for its realness and how its users aren't afraid to speak their minds, especially when it comes to things that really matter.
TV shows come and go. I don't know how many there have been since televisions were invented but I know there have been a lot and programmes have evolved heavily since the black and white days. Storylines are more intense, actors are more skilled, costumes are more extravagant, sets are more elaborate, budgets are higher, stunts are more death defying, technological developments make the impossible seem possible, taboo topics are touched on more frequently and audiences just generally love TV shows today in a way that they did not previously. TV shows are more than that now, they're a real part of all of our lives and, choose the right one, and you could find something which changes your outlook on everything.

You'd think that, by now, the world would have accepted the fact that, yes, women have body hair and, no, sometimes they don't want to shave it off. But no, whether or not a woman ought to shave off every hair follicle on her body is still actually being debated, most of the time, by everyone other than women themselves.

The lesbian community are stereotyped each day and it is vital that we dispel the myths that surround them in order to create a better society in which lesbians feel able to express themselves. Stereotypes dehumanise members of their community and are totally unnecessary as making a judgement about a whole group of people based on the way some of them act is wrong.

It's that time of year again. Supermarket shelves are stacked high with fitness DVDs, every TV commercial break contains countless advertisements for diet foods, gym membership prices have been reduced, everyone looks at you strange if you dare to breathe near anything with more than ten calories in it and the only thing you're allowed to drink from now until the end of August is water. Yep, you guessed it, it's time to get SUMMER BODY READY!

There's a series named 13 Reasons Why. You've probably heard of it. The show landed onto Netflix earlier this year and pretty much the whole world was eager to check it out after there had been so much hype surrounding it.

Feminism: The social, political and economic equality of the sexes.

To the LGBTQ+ community, this is my love letter to you. I write it at the beginning of Pride Month 2017.

In times of hardship, I rely on music to inspire me to keep pushing forwards, as millions of other people do. Despite our differences and whatever issues we're all facing individually, one common ground we will always share is our love of music. Everyone feels some sort of connection with music and it's something which truly joins us all together as one.
It's June, which means Summer is fast approaching. It also means I've switched some different products into my daily make-up routine as the weather began to get warmer and also just because I've generally made some fantastic new discoveries. So, naturally, I wanted to share them as I would hate for anyone's life to be void of wonderful make-up. Here are my top ten beauty products as we move into Summer 2017 
Time to share my new favourite thing in the world with you...well, One Direction are my favourite thing in the world...pizza is probably second...but AFTER that it's the thing in this blog post, the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation. I want to know how I survived for so many years without it in my possession. 

Everyone on the planet has a crush on Shay Mitchell, right? It's just a given. Everyone and their pet cat is obsessed with her, I mean, you only need to scroll through the comments on one of her Instagram photos to see how dedicated and besotted her army of fans are.

Five lipsticks for five pounds. Did that get your attention? It's unheard of in today's world. In fact, you would struggle to find one lipstick which will only set you back £5 and even then whether or not the quality is any good is debatable. However, I stumbled across a lipstick collection which contains five lippies, costs five pounds and each one of them is great quality so, of course, I had to share them with the world.

It often keeps me awake at night, not knowing which song on Harry Styles' debut solo album I am. I stare at the ceiling in the pitch black for hours, wondering if I'm more like Kiwi, the rock song of the century, if I'm more like Two Ghosts, the most heartbreaking song ever written, or if I'm more like Sign Of The Times, the most iconic debut solo single released by any artist, ever.

The day is Friday 12th May 2017. The time is 11:55am. I am sitting upright in bed, scrolling through Twitter on my phone with sweaty palms whilst anxiously biting my lip and constantly checking the time out of hope that another minute will have passed by. I am counting down to midnight. It isn't Christmas Eve, nor is it New Year's Eve, in fact, it's a normal Friday to most but, to me, and to millions of others across the globe, midnight on Friday 12th May is about to be the sheer pinnacle of my existence thus far.

I've worn glasses since what feels like forever which, consequently, means I've been through countless pairs of glasses, all of which I still possess, for some bizarre reason. It's funny to look back on my first pair of glasses and compare them with the ones I have now as I've gone from a pair of old lady maroon glasses with arms as thin as string to a chunky pair of black plastic Raybans which cover almost half of my face.

Having long lustrous hair is great because the list of things you can do with it is endless. Want to braid it? Go ahead. Messy bun? Why not. High ponytail? Sure. And whilst the possible hairstyles available to short hair occupiers is limited and whilst short hair, like everything in life, comes with its cons, I've found having shorter locks to pretty amazing.

Stereotypes exist. You'll encounter them daily and will use them yourself, many have probably been ingrained into your brain for as long as you've been alive, therefore, you may not know anything different. However, stereotypes are a real issue and are becoming increasingly harmful as society progresses.

I'm a huge believer in self care being the most important thing, always. It must always be your priority to prioritise your own mental health and well-being because, at the end of the day, you are the person you're going to have to live with for the rest of your life.

It's Spring!!! Which calls for an excessive amount of exclamation marks and means we are all legally obliged to wear floral printed clothing every chance we get. I love a good floral as they bring life to any outfit and, in this post, I'm showing you how I styled a vintage floral shirt.

We all feel rubbish sometimes, because we're human. We all get in sad moods, we all cry, we all feel empty sometimes and its important to remember that feeling sad isn't abnormal and it isn't a bad thing. Its more than okay to not feel okay.

Twitter was founded way back in 2006 (you know, that time when everyone wore flared jeans, pink lipgloss and some other erm, shall we say questionable ensembles) by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams. Since its birth, the social media site hasn't stopped growing. With one billion Tweets being sent every week, the addictive service which we now use to share everything from memes to song lyrics is showing no signs of dying.
The day is April 7th or 'National Harry Styles Day' as I now like to refer to it as because, today, my favourite person on the planet and just all round perfect human being (Harry Styles) starts a new chapter in his life. 
Is it just me or is everything embroidered at the moment? Jeans, sweaters, dresses, jackets, boots, shoes...pretty much every item of clothing can be embroidered and it seems to be a big trend right now. (I use 'trend' loosely because I do not know anything about fashion trends, I've just seen a lot of people wearing embroidered things and decided it's probably a trend).

Sexuality can be a confusing thing. What am I? Who do I like? What do I like? Who and what don't I like? Figuring out your identity can be even more agonising when you aren't aware of the terms that can be used to describe it.

Demi Lovato has killer vocals but she also possesses a killer sense of style. She's someone I always find myself admiring and thinking 'WOW' whenever I see a photo of them. I'm a huge Demi fan musically as she can't half belt out a tune (I swear she has four lungs) and knows how to make me feel both joyous and emotional with her songs.

"OMG YOU'RE SO BODY GOALS!!!" is a phrase I see splashed across every social media comments section constantly and I've had enough of it. Everywhere I look, I see people referring to other people's bodies as "goals." People comment it on Instagram, YouTube, they Tweet it, Facebook it and it has reached the point where we now verbally use the term in real life and, in all honesty, it makes me feel a little bit ill.
I feel like my life is just one big awkward moment. Anyone else? I'm constantly messing up, putting my foot in it, doing things wrong, seeing things I shouldn't see, laughing when I shouldn't laugh, mishearing things, misinterpreting things and just generally being an incompetent human being.

I'm not one for horror films because 1) I'm a wimp and 2) just watching the trailers for them causes me to have sleepless nights, however, I am a sucker for a good thriller movie or anything with a sense of mystery. I love anything unusual, anything which keeps me on the edge of my seat until the end, anything which puts me into a trance and doesn't allow me to remove my eyes from the screen for the duration of the film.

I love writing but I also love One Direction, so, why not combine the two and write about One Direction? What a genius idea, if I do say so myself. I like to make no secret of the fact that I am a massive One Direction fan...well, saying "I'm a massive One Direction fan" is probably the greatest understatement of the century. "One Direction have ruined my life" seems more accurate and, if you're a fan too, I am sure you can relate.
Stress is a common human emotion which can have and does have a detrimental impact on the lives of many. It's inevitable that we will all experience a stress filled period at some point in our lives, however, stress can also take over people's lives, causing them to stop doing the things they love and really taking a toll on their mental well-being.

There's an app for everything these days. Like, literally, there are apps to record your sleeping patterns, apps that will record TV shows for you even when you aren't at home, apps to help your organise what's in (or what isn't in) your bank account and apps that educate you on looking after pets. The fact that there are so many apps out there is fantastic, as it helps make our daily lives a little easier and slightly more entertaining.
Success. It's a funny noun. Not funny ha ha but funny in the sense that it means something different to everyone. By definition, success is "the accomplishment of an aim or purpose," which, for me, is the ideal definition. Some dictionary definitions are now extremely archaic due to economical, technological, scientific and societal developments, however, the definition of success still fits perfectly with what we know it to be today.

Is it just me who looks through their wardrobe and thinks "Harry Styles would totally wear that...and that...and probably that..." okay, perhaps that is just me. But, anyway, I have found that I own a plethora of the clothing items which seem to have a certain je ne sais quoi about them that just reminds me of Harry Styles. Sometimes its the print, sometimes its the cut, sometimes its just an exact replica of something he's worn...but a much cheaper version, of course.
Each day, we are told by the media that women are supposed to look, act, speak and think in a certain way in order to be classed as a 'woman.' However, the media's idea of a real woman changes on the daily, therefore, it can be difficult to establish what exactly we need to do in order to be labelled a 'real woman.'
 As someone with undeniably bad skin, I struggle to find high coverage foundations that'll conceal my scars and blemishes without, simultaneously, breaking the bank. I've used some fantastic full coverage foundations in the past, all of which have been from more expensive brands, and I've found it difficult to find a drugstore alternative that can compete with luxury foundations...until now.
Prior to now, I have never owned a bomber jacket because I decided that I just wasn't cool enough to be seen in one, however, I recently picked up one, admittedly, having no idea that it was a bomber jacket (to be honest, it just reminded me of a jacket that Harry Styles owned so I was subconsciously drawn to it) and I have loved wearing it and experimenting with different ways of styling it.

27th February-5th March 2017 is eating disorder awareness week. Eating disorders are a range of conditions that can affect someone physically, psychologically and socially. They are serious mental illnesses which over 725,000 men and women in the UK alone are affected by, which is why raising awareness of them is so vital.
When you analyse how excited I get for the BRIT Awards each year, you'd think I was attending and performing myself. Alas, this year I spent BRITs night in the same way that I do every year - watching the ceremony from the comfort of my sofa. It'd be a dream to attend the BRITs one year, although, I'm not complaining about being able to watch the show in my pyjamas without having to pose on a red carpet or stand on a stage in front of millions.
Has anyone else forgotten what it feels like to open Twitter in the morning and not immediately start screaming?I think I have because I certainly screamed when I learnt that President Trump has rescinded protections for transgender students which previously allowed them to use bathrooms corresponding with their gender identity. Nope, this is not the 1950s but 2017, in fact. No...really...

The inspiration behind this blog post was a recent interview with Angelina Jolie. Not conducted by myself, sadly, but by journalists speaking to her on the set of her latest movie endeavour in Cambodia. As Angelina is such a worldwide star, the interview was then, of course, shared across social media by various news outlets.

When she first burst onto the music scene, Lady GaGa pretty much threw all the fashion rules and regulations we had become accustomed to out of the window and rewrote them all to allow her to express her emotions and individuality through her clothing. She's worn some unique, controversial and vibrant pieces during her time in the spotlight but its safe to say she is never boring.
Admittedly, I'm not a big bath person...okay, now you think I smell, great...allow me to elaborate. I wash every day, of course, I'm just not someone who enjoys laying in the bath for three hours until I resemble a prune and smell like a chemical factory. I'm not one to spend a large amount of money on bath and body products, nor am I someone who particularly enjoys pampering myself with lotions and potions. I've got more important things to be doing, like eating, you know?

My last Q&A went down a treat which made me think "Hey Emily, you should do another." So, that's exactly what I shall be doing. I took to good old Twitter to ask your lovely faces for some random, thought provoking, interesting questions about any topic of your choice and you did not disappoint - so thank you, otherwise this would have been realllllly awkward.

I'm not a Valentines Day kind of girl, which may be due to the fact that I don't have a Valentine, but also because I believe in showing people you love them every day of the year, not just on the 14th of Feb. However, it is a wonderful time which allows us to take time out of our busy schedules and express our love and gratitude for the people in our lives whom we care about.

It's time to share my current favourite ten make-up products with yo lovely faces. This list is a collection of products that I either bought mid 2016 or was gifted for Christmas, (bar one which was a more recent purchase) therefore, I've had more than enough time to try them out and decide whether or not they're any decent. Thankfully, I loved each one of them and they weren't a waste of money *phew!*

Looking for a new eyeshadow palette? Want something neutral that'll help you create countless looks that is also long lasting and totally worth the money? Look no further than the Urban Decay Ultimate Basics Palette. I received this for Christmas and have used it most days since, therefore, I think I'm finally clued up enough on the palette to give you an honest review so, that's what I'm going to do.