Little Mix At The Capital Summertime Ball 2016 | Emily Bashforth

Little Mix At The Capital Summertime Ball 2016

The annual Capital Summertime Ball happened today and nineteen of the biggest names in music at the moment took to the stage to perform for a crowd of 80,000 at Wembley Stadium!
Four of my favourite ladies, Little Mix, are what I would consider Capital Summertime Ball royalty by now, having performed at the annual event for the past three years now and, today, they attended again and Mixers across the globe (myself included) could not wait to see what surprises the girls had up their sleeves!
Every Fangirl and Fanboy knows the most exciting part of your idols attending an event is the anticipation of waiting for high quality photos of them on the red carpet. What time are they going to arrive? What poses will they whip out? And, most importantly, what outfits will they be wearing? I had all of these questions and more as I waited not so patiently to see my favourite ladies on the Capital Carpet and, let me tell you, they gave me all kinds of heart palpitations.
The lovely ladies of Little Mix completely stunned in co-ordinated double denim ensembles, a concept which I am totally here for. I mean, be real with me here, have you ever seen anything more beautiful than Little Mix in double denim? They gave off edgy vibes with ribbed hems, fishnets and chokers but also kept it girly with loose, wavy locks and copper and nude make-up looks.

Leigh Anne went for a denim dress with a distressed hem, (which has actually been worn previously by Rihanna, one of Leigh's inspirations!) and kept accessories simple with a pair of pretty earrings, necklace and some gorgeous white heels!

Jesy's look was the most edgy as she rocked a denim jacket and mini skirt with a black bralet underneath. She also wore her classic black fishnets and seemed to be inspired by the nineties (as if the double denim wasn't enough) with a choker. Of course, for footwear she chose some chunky black boots!

As for Jade, she opted for a simple, classic cut denim mini dress but threw a long jacket over the top, although she kept jewellery to a minimum. She did, however, wear the most amazing pair of blue suede heels!

Finally, Perrie went for a similar look to Jesy, wearing a denim jacket and mini skirt but instead wore a denim bra underneath. She accessorised with her usual jewellery and wore an interesting pair of clear plastic shoes, which looked so cool!

My favourite looks were Leigh's and Perrie's, what about you?

So, once the girls had posed up a storm for the paparazzi, it was time for them to quickly change and prepare for their performance! Thankfully, this gave us fans some time to compose ourselves after dying several times over those gorgeous denim outfits!
The girls were first up, as they were headlining, and performed six tracks for a very lucky crowd, which were 'Black Magic,' Salute,' 'Hair,' 'Secret Love Song,' 'Move' and 'Wings,' although, being Little Mix, they didn't just perform the songs in the same way they have for the past few years, oh no, they completely switched things up to make sure each song was bigger and better than ever!


Starting off with 'Secret Love Song,' the girls sang Part II, a more stripped down version of the track which does not feature Jason Derulo and really shows off their vocals with a simple piano instrumental. The girls performed this as they do on tour, simply by standing in the middle of the stage and letting their vocals do the talking, no dancing or gimics, just them. It gives me goosebumps every time they perform it and this time was no exception. Their high notes and note changes were just something else!


'Salute' always sounds unbelievably fierce every time the girls perform it! It is as if they just become different people! This is such a girl power anthem and I can imagine the whole audience felt empowered as they watched the girls give it their all on the stage! They certainly didn't hold back with the dancing, who else just loved the choreography?


This is always an emotional performance for me! It was the girls' first single yet it still only feels like yesterday when they released it! Despite the fact that they have been performing 'Wings' for the past four years now, what I love is the fact that Little Mix still enjoy singing it. You know when you can tell that some artists just get bored of singing the same songs over and over again? Little Mix aren't like that it it's proof that they genuinely love and care about what they do, which is my favourite thing ever! They also switch things up each time they perform 'Wings' to keep things fresh and exciting and so added some cool audience participation and perfect harmonies into this version. Also, is there anything more magical than hearing 80,000 people sing 'Wings' back to the girls? 


"When all is lost and love is tragic, cast a spell it's called black magic..." I will never tire of the girls performing this smash hit live and, despite the fact that it was released over a year ago, I can still seeing it being huge throughout this Summer! It's such a fun song and one which audiences always enjoy! I also love it when Little Mix perform this live as I feel as though it is a track which really opened doors for them and made a lot of people stand up and realise how talented they are. It helped to grow their fanbase across the world and was very successful! Such a good single choice!

The girls changed the intro to 'Move' and it has made me fall in love with the song even more, if that was possible! They slowed things down for Jade's opening verse and really showed how well they can harmonise. Then, they burst into little bundles of energy and got the whole crowed hyped up with the perfect pop masterpiece! Who doesn't love 'Move?'

Now THIS was unlike anything I have ever seen, like, EVER! 'Hair' was such a fantastic single choice by the girls because not only was the music video amazing and does it send out a positive message, but it is great live! Who else just cannot handle that choreography? How insane was the dance break during Sean Paul's rap? AND they still managed to keep the vocals on point after all that energetic moving and shaking! This was definitely my favourite performance of the day!

As for their stage outfits, the girls went for a monochrome theme and matching, bold red lips, (which I love on them!) All of their outfits were similar but were still unique to each girl's individual style. They wore awesome leotards with string detailing, showing off their enviable figures and 3/4 went for knee-high boots, whereas Jesy went for lower, chunkier ones. No matter what outfits Little Mix wear on stage, they always manage to look breathtaking and, today in particular, they blew everyone away!

Unique number: Jade's outfit featured extensive white stitch detailing down her arms

Eye-popping display: Jesy's number featured an extreme plunging neckline which flaunted her busty cleavage 

Watching my girls perform on the Summertime Ball stage is always a real treat for me, especially as they pull out all of the stops to put on an amazing show and get to show almost 100,000 people what they can do! I dream of the girls having their own stadium tour one day because they certainly have the ability to fill stadiums and can you just imagine how huge each show would be? The costumes, the tour screens, the lighting, the confetti, the choreography, all of it would be on a whole new level!
Congratulations ladies on a brilliant show!

Be sure to let me know what you thought of Little Mix's performances at the STB this year! Also, which other artists did you enjoy watching? Personally, I reckon this year's line-up was one of the best and thoroughly enjoyed watching everyone back, particularly, Little Mix, Ariana Grande and Louisa Johnson!

Love, Emily :) xx