Jesy Nelson. | Emily Bashforth

Jesy Nelson.

She’s the Little Mix member with sass, confidence, an angelic voice and fierce dance moves. I am of course referring to Jesy Nelson. Today, out little Jessica turns twenty five and so I wanted to dedicate this post to expressing my love and sheer admiration for her.
Having been a Little Mix fanatic since day dot, I have had the pleasure of watching Jesy blossom before my very eyes and I am sure that many of you will agree that it has been a privilege to have seen her grow into a mature, successful woman. When we first met Jesy, she received a lot of hateful messages, mostly online. She was victim to bullying during her time on The X Factor and spent a lot of time reading messages about her weight and appearance. These comments, as we saw on the show when Jesy broke down in tears, really got under her skin and had an impact on the way she saw herself. They got her down and that isn’t surprising. She was a young girl just starting out in the music industry, who was being attacked for being herself and compared to her bandmates constantly. Now, however, Jesy has learnt how to shove those negative comments to one side and focus on the positives. I’m not saying that she doesn’t see them and that she feels completely unfazed by them all of the time, but she has come to realise how insignificant haters are and that the attention should really all be on the fans and people who support you. She’s learnt how to cut those pessimists out of her life and only have people who bring her up surrounding her. Sure, she may have days when she doesn’t feel as confident, just like everyone, but being able to love yourself is journey and Jesy is much closer to her final destination now compared to where she was in 2011. She has come to accept herself and embrace who she is and her body. She even admitted herself that she wasn’t going to diet or change who she was. She no longer feels the need to perform in leggings and baggy sweaters, instead, she rocks hot pants and crop tops and wears bodycon dresses to red carpet events. It makes me very emotional every time I see her looking so confident in what she’s wearing as if you compare how she dressed a few years ago to how she does now, you’ll be able to see how far she truly has come. She loves her curves and uses them to her advantage. She’s strong, sexy and beautiful. I hope that, one day, I will be able to begin my journey of self-love in the way that Jesy has. This is merely one reason why Jesy is an inspiration to me and many others; however, I think it is a very significant one. Many stars, sadly, feel the need to change themselves due to pressure to be ‘perfect’ from the media and because they think people will love them more if they look a particular way. Jesy, on the other hand, showed you don’t need to change a single thing about yourself to feel confident and to be accepted. Millions around the world adore her for who she is and she is living proof that you can find a way to feel confident simply by giving yourself some time and realising that anyone who is hurtful towards you is only going to bring you up. Jesy eats healthy, she works out and she loves her body, something which I think we should all admire.

Furthermore, we have to address Jesminda’s talent. I do feel as though she is often overlooked in the band, through no fault of her own or any of the other girls, I do just feel as though she could be appreciated more. Everyone knows she can dance and sing, but do they truly realise what we have been blessed with here? Jesy is far more than a singer. The notes she can hit and unbelievable, she can give you powerful or her voice and be soft and gentle. She can belt out or she can whisper, either way, she’ll give you all kinds of chills. That is why I was so overjoyed when I first heard ‘Secret Love Song’ and discovered that she had a massive high note all to herself when the music cuts out and it’s just her voice we can hear. I feel like that really gives her a chance to shine and you only have to listen to the crowds on tour screaming after she hits that note to see how impeccably she does it. Additionally, not only does she have a voice that makes you feel like you’ve died and gone to heaven, she can beatbox too, something which I reckon really helps Little Mix stand out as how many girl groups beat box these days? She is a real asset to the band and gives them a street edge, both with her vocals and styling. Finally, when it comes to dancing, Jesy turns into a whole new person when she performs on stage. We all love her famous, fierce facial expressions when she’s dancing as they show she is so passionate about what she does and puts her all into every show. She doesn’t just dance half-heartedly in order to preserve her vocals, she goes all out and her voice still sounds the same live as it does recorded. Her dancing is slick and powerful and shows that you do not want to mess with Miss Nelson! She is the true definition of a performer.

Okay, so we’ve established that she’s talented and a great role model for body positivity; however, we must also address Jesy’s undeniable kind nature. Whenever a fan meets Jesy (or any of the girls I must add) they never have a bad word to say about her. She always takes the time to listen to her fans, make sure they are okay, take photos and sign autographs for them. She isn’t one of those celebrities who have let fame go to their head. It would have been so easy for her to do that, what with the global success Little Mix have had. She is very grounded and never sees herself as superior to anyone. She’s just a normal girl from Essex who loves making people smile. She makes people’s day when she meets them and is, honestly, just so damn lovely. She doesn’t have a bad word to say about anyone and is always professional. Not to mention how charitable she is and how much she strives to ensure other people can be better off.
Plus, if you’re on the lookout for a girl who is going to cheer you up when you feel downer than down, Jesy is the one. I know that I only have to listen to her cackle and I am in stitches myself! She is naturally funny, whether she’s being sarcastic, pulling silly facial expressions or treating us with her amazing accents, Jesy is someone who can always put a smile on anyone’s face.

I am going to bring this blog post to a closure now, but not before I wish Jesy the happiest of happy birthdays possible. I wish one day to be able to meet someone who has brought a lot of light into my life over the past five years and tell her how much she has done for me and how much she truly means to me and so many others, as I do not think she actually realises it. I feel inspired by Jesy every single day as I think it is so refreshing to see someone in the music industry being so confident and strong. She empowers females and always stands up for what she believes in and, without even having to try, simply by being herself, she is the role model we all need in our lives, especially young girls. I feel blessed to have watched Jesy live her dream from the day she auditioned for The X Factor up until now and struggle to put into words how proud I am of her. She started off as a bar worker but can now say she has performed for 80,000 people. I am so proud at how far she has come and she makes me want to work even harder to love myself the way she does. Moreover, her smile makes me smile. I love seeing her with her fiancé, Jake, her family, friends and the other girls in the band as I love nothing more than knowing she is enjoying herself and feeling happy. Jesy Nelson is someone who deserves a lifetime of love and light because she truly is an angel. I feel very lucky to live at the same time as her and thankful that someone like her is a celebrity.

So, Jesy, enjoy your day, my love. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for you and I can guarantee that I shall be by your side all of the way. Thank you for bringing so much hope and happiness into my world through your actions, words and talents. I wish for your birthday to be what dreams are made of and as magical as possible. I love you very much. Keep shining.

Love, Emily :) xx