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My Favourite Albums Of All Time

Music is my life, as I am sure it is most of yours. I find great comfort in it and it is something which is always there for me, whether I'm in the mood to shake my booty around my kitchen or cry my eyes out in my bed, however, despite having obsessions with many artists and albums, there are some albums which will always be my ultimate favourites.
We all have them, those albums which just become your 'go-to' albums, the albums which you reach for when you aren't sure what you want to listen to, those albums which you feel as though you have formed a real connection with and could listen to every day for the rest of your life without getting bored of them. Therefore, in this post, I thought I would share those albums of mine, with you!

This may seem a rather odd strange combination of artists and albums, however, I love all of these albums for a variety of reasons and I would definitely say that I listen to them all far too much! A lot of the songs on these albums mean a lot to me, have really touched me or are just damn right jams! I would love to know if you like any of them too!

'Road Between'
Lucy Hale
I am partial to a bit of country music, for sure, and Lucy Hale's album is one I shall forever be besotted with, and it isn't just because I am obsessed with Lucy Hale as a person, her voice is truly beautiful and she has a song for every occasion. Even if you aren't the biggest lover of country, I would still recommend giving this a listen as it contains some upbeat songs to get you dancing but also some really lovely, slower ones which have some very touching-poignant meanings. For example, 'Nervous Girls' is one of my favourite songs, as well as 'Loved' and 'Lie A Little Better' is the perfect jam!

'Chapter One'
Ella Henderson
I am convinced this was the album that got me through my GCSE's as I am not being hyperbolic when I say it was the only album I listened to whilst revising. I have been a massive Ella fan since her first X Factor audition and her song-writing skills really are second to none. Every song on her album is a pure masterpiece and you can tell she really poured her heart and soul into 'Chapter One.' I feel like I know Ella on a more personal level more and more every time I listen to the album all the way through, and I feel that is a rare thing to be able to do. It is clearly a very personal album with some very heart-warming lyrics but it is also relatable which, once again, is a hard thing to do, make your fans feel as though they know more about you yet also more about themselves after listening to your music. Honestly, 'Chapter One' is nothing less than perfect. It is difficult to choose, but my favourite songs are 'Beautifully Unfinished,' 'Five Tattoos,' 'All Again' and 'Giants.'

Lea Michele
I refuse to ever skip any of the songs on this album. Glee star Lea Michele's album is very theatrical but just so raw and powerful. Every word is sung so beautifully and I think she has one of the most amazing, underrated singing voices! When you listen to this album, it really does feel like you're going on a journey and feeling both her heartbreak and experiencing those moments where she learns to let go and move on with her. I want her to release another album soon more than anything because I need more jams such as 'Don't Let Go' and more emotional ballads like 'Battlefield' in my life. My favourite tracks on this album are definitely 'Burn With You' and 'Thousand Needles.'

'Speak Now'
Taylor Swift

I feel like a lot of people will have this album in their list of all time favourites, especially devout T Swizzle fans. I love all of her music, however, for me, nothing will ever top this album. I actually listen to 'Speak Now' most days and will never tire of it as each song is so well-written, beautiful and unique that you just cannot get bored of them. What I love about Taylor's songs is that each one of them always tells a story, from beginning to end there is always a clear plot, and the songs on this album are no exception. It features some of the most beautiful love songs but I like that they can be applied to any situation and interpreted in your own way. My favourites from 'Speak Now' are 'Long Live,' 'Enchanted,' 'Innocent' and 'Ours' from the Extended Version.

'This Is Acting'

Despite only being released this year, 'This Is Acting' is already one of my favourite albums - ever. I am a massive fan of Sia's voice, I think her vocals are very under appreciated and I get so many goosebumps every time I hear her sing and every track on this album is a work of art. I think every song has been crafted so beautifully and I find a lot of them extremely relatable. You can tell none of the lyrics were just thrown in there because she couldn't think of anything else to say, they were handpicked because they mean something and help tell a story. Sia's music is very gender neutral, which I adore, and her songs are so very open to interpretation, which is something I am also obsessed with as you can apply them to any situation in anyone's life, and that isn't an easy thing to do. My favourite tracks from Sia's album would have to be 'Footprints,' 'Alive' and 'Reaper.'


I am a big fan of Train, one of their songs has actually claimed the title of my favourite song of all time! I find the songs on 'California 37' just so easy to listen to, some of them are really relaxing, and their music really takes you away to another place. There are a number of songs on this album which really do touch you emotionally, plus, the sound of the instruments is really clear and just makes the whole experience of listening to the album even more magical - the guitar sounds though!! My favourite tracks on this album are '50 Ways To Say Goodbye,' Bruises,' 'Mermaid' and 'Sing Together.'

Let me know if you have discovered and started to love any new albums after reading this blog post! I would highly recommend every one of them.

What are your favourite albums of all time? <3

Love, Emily :) xx

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