Seeing The Sights! | Paris Part 3 | Emily Bashforth

Seeing The Sights! | Paris Part 3

I hope you have been enjoying my Paris blog posts so far! If you haven't seen them, then you can catch part 1 HERE and part 2 HERE.
Part 3 is all about our Wednesday in Paris, when we took an open bus tour around the city to see everything and anything. We were given earphones to listen to a recording about each attraction we passed and actually went on 2 buses, both of which had trips that lasted about 1 hour.

It was so nice to be driven around Paris to see everything that was worth seeing and it was also nice to be sat on the top of a bus with the wind blowing on my face for a change, as it was SO hot over there!
We passed many attractions such as Notre Dame, The Eiffel Tower and the Love Lock Bridge, which I have always wanted to see with my own eyes!
I hope you enjoy my photos from Wednesday as, once again, I took LOTS, as did everyone on the bus tour. Sometimes, it was difficult to see where we were going due to the countless number of arms in the air, holding up cameras haha! :)

 When bae doesn't like your selfie

I hope you've enjoyed the Paris posts so far! There is ONE left! <3


  1. Looks like you had a great time, I'd love to go to Paris and explore that place one day it looks so lovely! x

    1. I really did, thank you! I would certainly recommend it as it's such a pretty place! :) thank you so much for reading, Lovely! Xx

  2. Some great photos Emily! Also, what do you use to make that collage at the top of your post? It looks great xx

    1. Ah thank you for reading, lovely! I use! :) xx